The story behind oplatki

//The story behind oplatki

The story behind oplatki

What is Oplatki?

Have you heard of Oplatki? Have you seen this unique wafer with Christmas images and wondered what the meaning behind them was? The tradition of Oplatki originated during Early Christian times in Poland. These simple white wafers are baked using flour and water.

The Oplatki Tradition

The Optlaki are shared by families, right before the Christmas Eve meal. Traditionally the eldest member of the family present will be the first to break a piece of the wafer off and pass it to another family member with a blessing. The blessings are simple such as a wish for good health, success or happiness.

The Oplatki Symbolism

The Oplatki Christmas wafer primarily serves as a representation of the Eucharistic meal all Catholics participate in during Mass. The Oplatki brings one’s immediate family together to share in the love they have for one another. Just like Catholics unite as God’s family every Mass.

Another symbolic feature of Oplatki is that the name of the town Jesus was born in, Bethlehem,  means “House of Bread.”

A Symbol of Family Unity

The tradition of Oplatki is a simple, fun, and meaningful one to introduce to your family customs during the Christmas season. All it requires are the simple wafers and a willingness to share in familial love and unity. Stop in at the A & B Religious Shop to pick up your own Oplatki and make it a family tradition today.

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